The Karma Club

April 2012

Dear Karma Club Members,

Since we were last in touch, we have been busy seeking funding for our breeding centre in Queensland and have had some promising negotiations. As setting up our own centre is a long term goal and will take some time, we still wish to make a difference in saving big cats now, so in the meantime, we have chosen a conservation project we are supporting and raising funds for. As a member of the Karma Club, we know you passionately care about saving endangered species; this is why we wanted to share with you our current conservation project… The Clouded Leopard Breeding Project in Thailand.

Our Current Project: Thailand Clouded Leopard Breeding Project (at Khao Kheow Open Zoo)

Liz Bellward, Managing Director of Karma Cats, has volunteered at the breeding centre twice over the last few years and the facility is a credit to the program, providing outstanding husbandry, veterinary and nutritional care to the cats. Due to this, the centre has experienced unprecedented success in the breeding of clouded leopards (57 cubs), which are notoriously difficult to breed.

The Project receives some support from a couple of Zoos in the United States in terms of providing rotating full time Project Coordinators, breeding expertise and analysis of hormones for stress levels and reproductive cycles. The centre does however still require financial support to cover costs such as the Thai zookeeper salaries, food for the cats, maintenance of enclosures etc.

The centre did have a generous funder supporting them for many years but sadly she passed away last year to cancer and now the centre needs help to keep operating.

The smallest amount can make a difference:

$3 AUD (less than a cup of coffee) will feed a Clouded Leopard in the Project for a whole week!

$50 AUD will feed one clouded leopard for approximately 4 months!

Click here to learn more about Clouded Leopards.

How you can help

1. Donate Today – Tax Deductible

All donations over $2 receive a tax-deductible receipt with the Australian Tax Office.

Donations can be made by direct deposit;

Acct Name Karma Cats Conservation Fund Bank
Westpac BSB 034-026
Account 309-685
Reference Your name

Then email with your details so she can email you a tax deductible receipt.

Donations can also be made by cheque;
Please make cheques payable to

Karma Cats Conservation Fund
PO Box 2365
North Ipswich
QLD, 4305

2. Donate product or services that can be auctioned at fund raising events

Karma Cats will be holding fund raising events this year to raise money for the Clouded Leopards. Any donation of product or services that we can auction would be much appreciated and a fantastic way to promote your business. Think outside the square…. so far we have the offer of dancing lessons, dog obedience lessons and wine to auction.

What skills / services / products do you and/or your business have, that could help raise funds, while promoting you to hundreds of people for your generosity?

3. Forward this e-newsletter to all your friends / help spread the word.

With the power of the internet, we have the ability to reach millions of people across the world. Please help by forwarding this to the people you know. It costs nothing but can make a big difference.

Thank you all for your continued support of Karma Cats. I look forward to providing updates on our success with the Clouded Leopards.

Kind regards,

Today's Actions Affect Tomorrow's World
Karma Cats
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Managing Director
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