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  • Over a billion people world wide watch animal based TV, documentaries and movies
  • Steve Irwin’s TV series such as The Crocodile Hunter and Croc Diaries are viewed by approximately 500 million people across 142 countries
  • 15.4 million people visit Australian zoos each year
  • 3.3 million of these are international visitors
  • More Australians visit zoos each year than any other form of cultural entertainment apart from the movies (this has been consistent for over 10 years)
  • 76% of international tourists are interested in experiencing Australian wildlife and more than half preferred to visit a zoo or wildlife park than take a tour in the wild

Improve public perception of your company by saving endangered species.

With our business model, there is a huge amount of exposure that Karma Cats can offer your business in return for your generous support. 

For more information, please contact;
Liz Bellward - Managing Director
Mobile: (+61) 404 222 991 
Phone / Fax: (+61) 7 3901 7687
Email: liz.bellward@karmacats.org.au

Thank you for your interest in saving endangered species.

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